Mikhail's success story

I wish everyone to find that field of activity moving on your progress. It is important to learn how to love really what you are doing, and then, life will reward you certainly.

Thanks to the constant growth of the company KT Ukraine, I was able to go from a sales representative of a regional branch to the head of wholesale sales of the whole company for the group "Construction chemistry" for several years.

My career began in 2014 in Zaporozhye branch of KT company from the position of retail sales representative. Here I found an exciting field for me — the promotion of expanding foam brand Soma Fix. Soon I managed to succeed cooperation with Key Customers, and my area of ​​responsibility expanded up to two more territories in Dnepropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog — I became a regional leader.

A few years of purposeful work gave their results — I was transferred to the Central Office for the position of the head for wholesale in the "Construction chemistry" department .Today we managed to form a department for working with key customers of the wholesale direction on the basis of Kiev branch.

KT Ukraine is well aware the main resource of the company is its employees. I succeeded due to the training "Business Start" corporate program. Upon its completion, I became a teacher myself responsible for another "Corporate University" academic program. After all, it is important not only to receive, but also be able to give something in turn. This is demonstrated not only by the teachers, but also by the company in relation to its employees.

I wish everyone to find that field of activity motivating the progress. It is important to learn  how to love what you are doing, and then life will reward you certainly .