The pledge of quality and reliability of our tools is 100% confidence in its manufacturers.
Our manufacturers are factories No. 1, cooperating with world brands of professional tools. Thus, while developing and manufacturing our product we use the technologies of the International market leaders: Korean batteries Samsung, American transistors Fairchild, carburetors Hlhic.


KT Ukraine goods are produced by the plants with a history. Striving for innovations highly professional engineers are implementing new technologies constantly. This leads to production of quality goods meeting reasonable price. All our plants are modern, technologically equipped and they meet safety standards. We apply the same technologies as European professional tools producers do.
Constant development is “the must” for moving business further. Our specialists attend exhibitions looking for solutions to be applied in the production. The partners share our ideas and propose their ones considering tools production.
We perform strict quality control. All production passes 7 check stages: careful tracking of manufacturing process, the video control of products mounting, the entering quality control of spare parts and many other things. For our products we use components and spare parts of certain quality standard: from Jiaband buttons to Walbro carburetors.
Clear awaring of the goals, responsibility for product quality and fulfillment of promises are the basic principles for working with partners. We respect the manufacturers of our products and they respect us as well. We treat production seriously paying attention to the tiniest spare parts.
Our goal is a long-term and trustworthy relationships with manufacturers. Such cooperation allows us to develop both ourselves and the partners, to find a new solution for creating high-quality and functional tool.
The growth of our business is the growth of our partner's business. Therefore, we are together interested in providing quality products to users. We are looking for the solutions to design competitive products. Our main objective is to perform the tools helping people to improve the world around. And joint forces are the main ones to have the desired outcome.

Our manufacturers

We are visiting our plants operated constantly and we know personally engineers, workers, operation processes, quality audit and capacities. More than a hundred of suppliers from China, Turkey, Belorussia, Ukraine, India and other countries are listed as our producers.


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