Business Start Weekend Program

Employees of the company KT Ukraine are used to the fact that development and self-improvement is an integral part of their life. The program, which has become a platform for the career growth of many colleagues, continues its work.

On January 26 and 27 classes were held in the framework of the "Business Start" program. This time the participants talked about career, self-management, time management, found out who the real leader is, generated ideas and presented projects.

On January 26, participants had several theoretical blocks, the trainers for which were both employees of the company and invited speakers. After that, the "ktshniki" worked in teams on time sinks. Some have identified them, others have determined how to deal with them. In addition, participants had a training session from a guest speaker on the topic of "relationship". It has become customary to introduce the “Sinemalogy” block into the classes, where the participants, after watching the film, engaged in its detailed analysis, discussed the nuances and problems, made the appropriate conclusions. Synemology is a popular modern psychotherapeutic technique for working on oneself. The company KT Ukraine has never been on the side of trend technologies, so it is not surprising that we apply this in Business Start classes.

On the 27th, the participants mastered the development of projects and their effective presentation. The coaches explained in detail how to build their own project from A to Z, how to outline the topic correctly and how to define a goal using Smart.

After that, participants had to submit group projects, identifying leaders and secretaries. In addition to the proposed topics, employees actively generated their ideas and enthusiastically took up their implementation.
We are sure that the results of the project activity will not be long in coming. We wish the participants success and career victories.