Education sales of branded stores

Every day, the company is engaged in the development and improvement of not only products, but also employees. After all, employees are the main value of KT-Ukraine. Creating the best service, working for the client and together with the client are our priorities.

On November 19, a meeting of Dnipro-M brand stores was held at the central office in Kiev, where employees from all over Ukraine attended. The main goal of the event is to inform sellers about the new loyalty program, which is already gaining momentum.

In addition, employees were trained on the product: this time, the focus was on power tools and welding equipment. Product managers told the gathering participants about the advantages of our products relative to competitors' products, demonstrated the quality and reliability of Dnipro-M tools with specific examples and gave practical advice on working in test areas of branded stores.

The next stage was training on working with clients. Employees improved their skills in quality service and service. For maximum effectiveness of training, sellers reproduced specific situations that will help them quickly navigate when advising customers in the Dnipro-M retail stores.