Saturday football battles ended in victory!

Dnipro-M football team has been competing for 3 years in the SFCK tournament - Street Football Challenge Kiev. Playing in the Urban division, our players often leave the competition with a winning score and a sense of pride in themselves and the team.

A number of matches of the second round took place this Saturday, December 8, in the “Polyot” sports complex. Our guys met in a duel with the Vulver team. Thanks to well-coordinated teamwork and a strong corporate spirit, the Dnipro-M team showed incredible results. The victory with a score of 7: 3 is the result of composure and maximum return.

The secret of a successful game

“An amazing result for an amazing team,” the organizers commented on the game of our guys. The secret of a successful game in a result-oriented team. Each player is charged with the dynamics of football and with pleasure allocates time for training and matches.

Any employee of the company who loves football and is ready to raise the team to the top of the tournament table can offer their candidacy and try themselves as part of the Dnipro-M team.

Our team is waiting for the next successful games, the announcement of which can be seen on the SFCK website.

Sure, the guys will be happy to get support from colleagues!