The educational program consists of ten cognitive modules, each of which carries definitely important information for each employee: simple rules of self-presentation, time management, tools for business development, the art of staff managing.

All trainings are held outside the office — at the International Ecological Center "Vitolga", so that participants can find a soul balance and concentrate their energies for new achievements. Highly qualified specialists develop the desire of the employees to know themselves, which is the foundation for personal and career self fulfilment. Knowledge and skills acquired during training influence the effectiveness of the participants in the development program. Their projects are implemented for the benefit of themselves and the company.

Business Start is a continuous work on yourself, which leads to success.


In 2011 in KT Ukraine a unique training program for employees were successfully launched. It was "Corporate University", which is considering issues related to the daily routine of the commercial and administrative departments.

Trainers are top managers of the company with a lot of knowledge and experience. They are sharing tools for effective sales and conducting effective negotiations. In the learning process, each participant has the opportunity to improve his qualifications, and, hence — to move up the career ladder. Each of the modules makes one treat the client differently.

To increase the professionalism of employees, to make everyone succeed is the main goal of the Corporate University program.