The educational program consists of ten cognitive modules, each of which carries definitely important information for each employee: simple rules of self-presentation, time management, tools for business development, the art of staff managing.

All trainings are held outside the office — at the International Ecological Center "Vitolga", so that participants can find a soul balance and concentrate their energies for new achievements. Highly qualified specialists develop the desire of the employees to know themselves, which is the foundation for personal and career self fulfilment. Knowledge and skills acquired during training influence the effectiveness of the participants in the development program. Their projects are implemented for the benefit of themselves and the company.

Business Start is a continuous work on yourself, which leads to success.


Since the inception of European civilization, the academy has been a place where advanced knowledge and experience are concentrated. Enriching and supplementing them passed down from generation to generation of people, with their labor they moved society forward.

We created the Academy of Corporate Education to present our employees the most relevant knowledge and effective practices that will become the basis of their professional growth


Academy is a system of internal training and development of the Company's employees. It is built within the framework of corporate ideology and operates on the basis of a single concept and methodology. This is a strategic management tool, an integral component of business processes, covering all levels of managers and specialists.

Its tasks are global in nature: it provides a single, coordinated, subordinate to the strategic objectives of training. Each employee of the company can become a student of the academy, regardless of the structural unit in which he works.

This is a new form of personnel training, which has not only applied, but also strategic importance associated with business tasks. The main objective of the Academy is not just the study of new material. The employee takes a different approach to assessing knowledge, skills and abilities, the worldview becomes more multifaceted. After all, when people change, so does the Company. Because success depends, first of all, on a person and his work, and only then on a product or technology.

The mission of the Academy of Corporate Education is to grow in the Company:

  • highly qualified specialists in their field;
  • personalities with developed leadership skills;
  • people who reach the heights in their business and move the company forward.

AKO training programs help employees quickly master the skills needed to work. Trainings aimed at improving skills, contribute to the development of employees, increase their efficiency and earnings. Also, training in AKO is a good prerequisite for career growth, because a specialist develops all the competencies necessary to move to a higher position. Therefore, every new employee who has just come to the Company even without experience has all the opportunities for growth from an intern to a division head!

The objectives of the Academy of Corporate Education:

  • Organize effective internships and adapt new employees.
  • Develop highly qualified employees in all departments of the company.
  • Ensure rapid personal and professional development, career growth.
  • Improve corporate culture.

The system of the Academy of Corporate Education includes many areas:

Product training

  • product benefits;
  • range;
  • practical use skills;
  • comparison with competitors.

Training effective sales skills

  • identification of need;
  • making contact;
  • work with objections;
  • SPIN technique as a need detection method;
  • additional sales;
  • presentations;
  • work with different types of buyers;
  • completion of sales of their support.

Development of managerial skills

  • basics of management;
  • goals;
  • manager's image and environment;
  • meeting skills;
  • time management, delegation;
  • team building, 8 levels of control;
  • skills of selection and motivation of employees.

Developing public speaking skills

  • structured simple and comprehensible language skills;
  • purity and expressiveness of pronunciation;
  • control of group dynamics;
  • position in space during the performance.

Development of personal efficiency

  • teamwork;
  • stress management;
  • conflict management;
  • time management;
  • time management;

Development of business etiquette and communication

  • modern business etiquette;
  • successful business negotiations;
  • telephone communication.

Introduction to the Company for new employees

  • mission, values, organizational structure of the company;
  • brand philosophy.

At the moment, from 2 to 6 different trainings are held weekly in the Company.

During the month, we train the product for about 300 employees, managerial competencies - 70 employees, programs and business processes - up to 50 people, about 50 employees attend a course in the art of public speaking and foreign language classes

The trainers of the Academy of Corporate Education are employees of the company who have achieved high results in their professional activities and are ready to share experience with colleagues. In addition, each employee has the opportunity to join the AKO coaching staff, even if there is no teaching experience, we will teach. You need professionalism and achievements in your field, as well as a great desire to share your knowledge and teach people.